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We help you with creating competitive advantage and making people matter.

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Specialist HR consultants to fast moving and creative businesses.


You are a fast-growing, brand oriented business who recognises that people are your biggest asset and will have a significant impact on the success of your business, therefore your business needs to have the best processes to manage your people.

How We Can Help

The potential and impact of your people is enormous. We help a variety of companies big and small to connect, collaborate and prosper. Working from the inside we go beyond strategy to inspire your team to be the best you can be.

About Us

As specialist HR consultants to the creative, fast moving business sector, we build lasting and meaningful relationships with the people who shape it. Our knowledge, networks and commitment are directed by Lisa Spiden, a HR Creative with a long and inspiring record of creating competitive advantage and making people matter.

"They took time to understand our business and then matched our passion designing staff programmes that would make us a class leader."
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Gerard Menses, CEO

"fibreHR completely gets what we need. Working with fibreHR is the ability to have an HR specialist who knows our business."

Rod Wright, General Manager Operations

"fibreHR couples expert knowledge with a professional approach that inspires confidence and has helped us in achieving great results across a range of HR issues."

Laura Etyngold, Business Manager

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