"fibreHR have been a great partner for our business. The fibreHR team were committed to understanding our business and our needs and therefore their expertise has enhanced and complemented our internal capabilities"

Brad O'Connor, CEO

"Lisa and her team provided us with a flexible opportunity to add senior HR capability to our business on an ‘as needed’ basis by outsourcing specific projects. We found working with fibreHR beneficial and they did exactly what they committed to do in the time frames agreed. We look forward to working with Lisa again as necessary."

Paul Lacy, Co Founder

"fibreHR completely gets what we need. Working with fibreHR is the ability to have an HR specialist who knows our business."

Rod Wright, General Manager Operations

“fibreHR have supported us through a range of people related projects and processes across our business. We can rely on fibreHR to provide consistent, knowledgeable and commercial advice and partner with us to get the best outcomes for our team and business.”

Pete Gatt, Partner

"We felt comfortable with fibreHR from the start. They understood our business and requirements and took us on a journey of getting HR to where it needed to be. There is no doubt that we now that have a HR system in place we will continue to grow over the next five years. We are very pleased with the overall outcome."
Power Partners

Michael Potenza, CEO

"We consult with fibreHR for all of our business’ HR requirements. They provide excellent service, and have been very adaptable to our own business needs. I would recommend them to anyone looking for HR advice."

Laura Forde, HR Manager

"The time taken to understand the specifics of our business resulted is great results, in a very time effective and efficient manner."

Sam Cooper, Managing Director

"Lisa and the fibreHR team have provided a great service with great results to Impact Data. Some of our best employees found us as a result of fibreHR's work. The consultative approach and a focus on understanding our business needs is what has set them apart from the field and assisted in giving us what we need. From a cost point of view the fibreHR model is different from what we have seen from others and has worked very well for Impact Data."
Impact Data

Lachlan Opray, Chief Executive Officer

"We starting working with fibreHR in August 2010 and continued to use them on an adoc basis to assist our business with generalist HR activities including recruitment, auditing our HR processes/systems and developing our standard letters of offer. We have found fibreHR to be a valuable asset to our business as they take care of our HR needs and allow us to focus on our core business."
Attache Software

Mike Rich, Managing Director

"We have been working closely with fibreHR since March 2010. From the outset we have found fibreHR’s experience and knowledge to be an invaluable addition to our business. Our people are our strength and fibreHR helps us protect our investment by having sound HR processes and procedures in place."
Simoco Group Pty

Andy Woodhall, Chief Operating Officer

"As an owner of multiple businesses fibreHR has become a critical part of my team in developing HR strategies, completing job descriptions, recruitment, staff management and planning. fibreHR has ensured that as a business we provide sufficient focus to the management of our most important asset, Staff.The team at fibreHR are different than most HR companies as they really listen to your needs and develop strategies to achieve the most from your Human Capital. They are extremely focused on delivering the best outcome in the most efficient timeframe."
Buyer's Advocate

Leigh McConnon, Director

"fibreHR is one of those rare consultancies that actually ‘gets’ what their clients want. Where other firms worry about managing expectations, fibreHR just sets about exceeding them. fibreHR isn’t concerned about following the rules or about doing things the way the big firms have always done them, they simply do what adds the most value, in the shortest possible time. And every engagement that fibreHR has undertaken for the Institute has been delivered with sensitivity, empathy and a real human touch. I have no hesitation in recommending fibreHR to anyone looking for professional, value for money assistance with any human resources or recruitment challenge."
Australian Institute of Architects

Ross Clark, Chief Operating Officer

"fibreHR have played a large part in our successful growth as a company. They have assisted us with advice, mediation, HR systems and supplied us with customised training. They are our ‘go to’ people whenever we have a human resource issue. Quick to respond and they’ve always delivered."

Andy Caddy, Director

"fibreHR couples expert knowledge with a professional approach that inspires confidence and has helped us in achieving great results across a range of HR issues."

Laura Etyngold, Business Manager