Our team is structured to think and operate as an in-house recruitment team. We not only understand each position in its entirety, but also the culture and team dynamic. When we place the right person within your business they bring all of the required skills and experience and are compatible with your company direction. All this is undertaken while keeping costs down.

To do this effectively we offer the following services:

  • Work with you to develop flexible recruitment strategies to suit your business needs
  • Source the best candidates through both advertised and search methodologies
  • Provide supporting tools and systems to ensure timely communication and candidate care
  • Recruitment training (and support) to managers
  • Set up in-house recruitment systems and tools

Our model is flexible and aims to get the best person for the role with minimum cost to the client. We charge our services hourly, not by percentage fees. In most cases we can significantly save our clients a lot of money.

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